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An exhibition is one of the most important tools of marketing communication; so many companies actively use it to promote their goods and to form their own images. Therefore, hardly anyone would dispute the fact that an exhibition stand is a company's business card and at the same time its on-site office.

Having made the decision to participate in the exhibition, first of all you need to choose the location of the stand. Each exhibition pavilion has specific features and exhibition stands. They may be effective at one show, but may not work at another. According to general rules, visitor flows move usually counter clockwise from the periphery to the centre. It follows that the most advantageous areas for exhibition stands are located on the right of the entrance to the pavilion and in the centre. The flow of visitors is also determined by the location of exclusive exhibition stands of the market leaders and companies conducting free lotteries and presentations. Do not place your stand away from the central passages and exits, behind the large columns, load-bearing elements, in the back of an additional hall of the exhibition pavilion, etc. Location of exhibition stands not far from dressing rooms also has its obvious drawbacks, but in practice, sometimes it achieves unexpected results.

When selecting a location in the exhibition hall, you have to determine what type of stand is acceptable for you:


- Row stand. It has only one face side and is the most common type of stands. Advantages include possibility to use three walls to place exhibits and promotional materials. Restrictions include exit faces only one aisle, inability to control the flow on the nearby aisles, no opportunity to create strong focusing point.


- Corner stand. It is open on two sides. It is the ideal solution, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Advantages include easy design and convenient access to two aisles.


- Peninsula stand. It is open on three sides. Advantages include easy control over the exponential adjacent territory, easier attraction of visitors, especially in case of presentations and other promotional activities.


- Island stand. It is open on all four sides. Advantages include full control over the surrounding area and creation of a large number of significant focusing points. When planning such a stand, it is important to consider the fact that an average visitor prefers to exit through the same passage (entrance) he/she has entered not to invert the order of his/her visit.


- Walk-through stand. This stand is open on two parallel sides. Advantages include two entrances on the aisles that provide a satisfactory view of the exhibit. Restrictions include formidable problems of its functioning.


- Vis-à-vis stand. It consists of two row stands facing each other. Advantages include two facades facing the same aisle. Restrictions include problems of internal organization of the stand, need for additional staff and impression of two separate stands, which is believed to be putting the stand to the lowest degree of preference.

Once you have booked a place, you need to determine which stand (of standard construction performed under standard schemes or of individual exclusive construction performed by designers at the request of and according to the specifications of the customer) you would like to have, so that it could perform all the tasks assigned to it. The stand design should reflect the company's image, its trademark, emblem and logo. The stand should be a bright, eye-catching and memorable, so that visitors always could easily find it. The decoration can include illuminated signs, projection big screen TVs, but your products should have the most prominent central position.

When selecting a stand of standard construction, in the event of questions regarding the stand, a participating company solves them with the organizer of the exhibition. The company pays for the rent of the necessary area, the price of which already includes a stand of standard construction performed on the principle of construction kit. This stand is equipped with the necessary equipment (carpeting, furniture, electrical lamps, frieze inscription, etc.).The main advantage of such stand as compared to the stand of exclusive construction is its attractive price. But there are some limitations: it is impossible to line panels on your own, to use adhesive tape or other glued materials, to use a stapler for fastening materials on the panels, to drill construction, etc.

The order form for the stand construction includes a table with a list of additional equipment and household appliances. Showcases, shelves, mirrors, monitors, televisions, mobile presentation equipment, posters, illuminated advertising structures are widely used as additional equipment. Payment is made separately.

More options are provided in case of a rent of unequipped area and exclusive construction. In this case, the company is provided only with an area, e.g. a certain number of square meters. This option allows you to use the original construction of exhibition stands thanks to which you can create a functional eye-catching stand even within a small area. However, the implementation of this project requires higher budget.


Exhibition stand manufacture procedure:

  1. Design Project. Based on technical specifications (taking into account wishes and requirements of the customer, corporate style, technical requirements of the exhibition organizer, technical parameters of the stand elements), a designer creates a design-project of the exhibition stand.
  2. Manufacture of the exhibition stand. After the design project approval, there is a stage of the stand manufacture according to the requirements of the rules and conditions of the exhibition centre, where the exhibition takes place.
  3. Stand installation. Installation is the most important stage during the preparation period; anything must comply with safety standards, as well as operate without failure. The stand electric supply, water supply and drainage, quality of carpeting, panel connections - everything has to be ready for constant load for a few days of the exhibition. At the same time, installation is limited in time.
  4. Decoration of the exhibition stand and the surrounding area. After it, the stand is ready to become the face of the company and receive visitors.

Methods of decoration and design of exhibition stands are constantly being improved. Some new items are fixed in the exhibition stand construction market for a long time, other come and go attracting the attention of visitors only once. Therefore, it is impossible to make general recommendations. The main task of the exhibitor is to be different!


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